This is a time of upheaval and change for all of us. I am a firm believer that magick gives power to those who the political elite has taken power away from. I believe that when the term “Majority Rules. Minority Rights” is ignored, then it’s up to us as witches and magical folk to stand up for people who cannot stand up for themselves. Let’s take a brief look at what the term means. “Majority rules” of course means that the popular vote on a law should prevail unless it takes away “Minority Rights”. Meaning, if everyone wants something to happen but it takes away equal rights from a minority, then the minority wins out. An example of this is civil rights in the mid 20th Century and marriage equality. There are many other examples as well, but that is a conversation we should have another day.

There are many people who see “rights” and “justice” in their own backward outdated way. I am sick of seeing police officers kill black people for small indiscretions while white mass shooters are taken in without so much of a bruise. This is beyond sickening. I am tired of seeing immigrant children locked in cages. I am tired seeing political leaders profit off of the poor. I am tired of churches cry “evil” everytime someone is gay, muslim, pagan, or any other thing they deem the “Other” that they don’t like. I think as witches, shamans, Spirit Walkers, healers, and magicians it is our responsibility to take action. Not just pray for peace, but to perform magick for change and peace. Many of us first came to magick for power. So, let’s use that power to make a better place for the people.

There are so many different types of justice that we need right now. There are most likely injustices that are happening every day that we are not aware of. I’m very grateful that in this day and age we have video cameras on our cellphones. People are video recording police brutality, racism, crimes against our trans brothers and sisters and many other things. I found a quote online from Will Smith that said, “Racism is not getting worse, it’s getting filmed.” Even with video footage, there is so much injustice happening many people are becoming desensitized to it. My hope is that the people will rise up against injustice and bring the power back to the people.

In this spell, you will need a candle, a picture of your country, an offering bowl, one to three herbs such as sage, rosemary, juniper, dandelion, fennel, house leek, or yarrow. You will also need a fireproof dish or small cauldron, isopropyl alcohol, and an offering of either juice, wine, or ale.

To perform your spell for justice you will need to call upon a god or goddess of your choice who will help bring justice to the people. Here are a few ideas, but if you do not already work with a god of justice then it would be wise to do some research on the gods to see which one resonates with you the most. Some suggestions are Thor, Athena, Horus, Ma’at, Lugh, Diana, and Gaia.


  1. Place your map or picture of your country flat on your altar. On top of the map place the fireproof container. Place your candle behind the fireproof container and light. Call upon the god of justice and speak from your heart or you may say, “(Name of god), I come to you on this day to seek justice for the people.”
  2. Take a moment and think of the injustices that are happening in your country right now. If there is a certain injustice that is pressing at this moment bring that injustice to mind.
  3. Place the alcohol into the cauldron or fireproof dish and light and say, “This is the fire of change. This fire represents the Will of the people who will no longer be repressed. This is the fire of justice for the people!”
  4. Spend some time in meditation thinking about how justice will take place. Visualize everyone with equal rights, equal peace, and the ability to financially support themselves. Visualize all religions having equal rights.
  5. Visualize the god of justice sending magick and power to your fire of justice.
  6. Take your herbs of justice in your hands. Sprinkle the herbs of justice all over the map. Know that each herb is spreading justice through out the land.  Visualize the powers of justice empowering the people to do what is right. See the people at peace and happy.
  7. Keep visualizing justice until the fire in the cauldron has burned out.
  8. Place your offering in the offering bowl and say, “I give this offering to (god of justice). I thank you for the magick of justice you have done today.”
  9. Once the god candle has burned down, take the wax and the herbs and bury them in the earth. Visualize peace and justice spreading through the land in harmony and healing.