Right now the world seems to be in a place of reset. Even though there is chaos with COVID-19, we are told to self-quarantine and to practice social distancing. All stores, bars, hotels, and any other non-essential places of business are closed. The only things open are grocery stores, drug stores, hospitals, and the post office. Many of us have to work from home, but there are also millions of people who were laid off. It is quiet, yet chaotic at the same time. It’s a kind of paradox. Wonderful yet strange. Why is it wonderful? The Earth is making us stop to pause and reset energetically, physically, and spiritually. This is a time for us to stop and reflect.

I’ve often commented that we are too busy with our work and other event that we have no time to do work on the betterment of ourselves. Many of us are running ourselves into the ground and are having health concerns because of it. On a macrocosmic level, climate change is becoming more and more prominent. Just this winter in Chicago the average high was 35-40 degrees. The normal is 10-25 degrees all winter. There is also much debate about Universal Healthcare here in the USA. Many of us believe that healthcare should be a right for everyone, but there are those who think healthcare should be a privilege. Like taking care of the people is a bad thing. And my personal favorite, anyone who doesn’t work in an office is considered “less than” in American society. 

Mother Earth has taken this as an opportunity for a reset for us all. On a personal level, this is causing people to reach out more to family and friends on video chat rather than go to the bars or spend money on things we do not need. It’s also given us a wakeup call to reach out to our older friends, whom we sometimes forget, to  make sure they are ok. What a wonderful thing to reach out to neighbors simply because it’s a heart-centered thing to do. My partner and I have reached out to family and friends, who are faraway, on video chat more this week than we have in years. The internet is an amazing thing we have to stay connected. 

This is also a wonderful time to self reflect and do personal meditations, deity devotions, and create sacred ceremonies for ourselves. One of the things I hear as a spiritual teacher is “I don’t have time to meditate or do my magical practice.” Things become very hectic and I myself have found that sometimes I don’t have time for my spiritual practices. The Universe is giving us this opportunity to reconnect to the spirits, the ancestors, and the gods. Also, we are getting the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves. Spending personal time reflecting is very powerful magick! When I do this I put myself in meditation and ask myself “Who am I at this moment?”, “How do I really feel about my life and my world?”, “What can I do to better myself and my world?”

I am also very aware that for many of us who work with the public our jobs are either gone or on hold. Many people are not making money right now. This is just as good a time as any to do money magick spells, job magick, success magick, and work with the energies of abundance and wellness. The other thing we can do is if you are in a place of abundance then it is a wonderful idea to reach out to others who are in need and donate what you can. I know many servers and bartenders have set up a go-fund me page. Donate what you can. Also, perhaps reach out to your neighbors for a wellness check to see if they need anything. We can do all of these things while practicing social distancing.

Mother Earth is also showing us that this is a time to help the people of the community. She is teaching us valuable lessons about helping The People. Much like in a tribal society, everyone is valued. Everyone has something to contribute in some way. Our government is learning that healthcare is essential and we must take care of the people, especially our elders. I’ve noticed in the USA that as long as you don’t call socialism “socialism” then it’s ok. Personally, I don’t care what you call it, just help the people! We as a society are also learning that sometimes the workers who are essential are not the CEO’s of huge corporate companies and celebrities. Essential workers are the grocery store stocker who is putting food back on the shelves. The truck driver that delivers needed medical supplies, food, and products we need for survival during quarantine. The post office worker who is helping deliver mail to people. The drug store clerk must face hundreds of people a day putting themselves at risk of infection. And of course our beloved healthcare workers who are in constant danger of being infected and are working countless hours with little rest.

Mother Earth is taking this time to heal herself as well. With the quarantines in place all over the world pollution is significantly down. It has been documented that air pollution in China has dropped 25%. The waters in the canals in Venice, Italy are becoming cleaning and more clear. With fewer people driving and being outside Mother Earth is able to take a moment and reset and heal as much as she can. This is a lesson that I hope everyone is learning. 

Even though right now things are challenging it is up to us to learn from these valuable lessons that Mother Earth is trying to teach us. As much as we can let’s show support to our community and have an open heart to those who need our help. Also, let’s take this opportunity to reconnect with Spirit by connecting to our ancestors, our gods, and to Mother Earth herself. Let’s thank our Mother for these wonderful lessons.